The Power Cow Cradle in action
The Power Cow Cradle in action

The Power Cow Cradle

The Power Cow Cradle consists of two main components; a suspension frame carried on the forks of a fore end loader and a body sling attached to the suspension frame via quick release snap hooks.


To lift a fallen animal place one edge of the body sling against the animals back, roll the animal into the centre, attach snap hooks to suspension frame and secure the body and leg straps. You can now lift and carry the animals to a suitable location.

The Power Cow Cradle has been designed to make lifting safer and easier for both Farmer and Animal. Using the front loader the cow is lifted once or twice daily. The cow should be lifted so that the hind feet are just resting on the ground and encouraged to use her front legs for support in front.

When the Power Cow Cradle is used correctly, the animal should stand more or less in a normal position for 15-20 minutes.

The body sling can be left tied on the animal between repeated lifts when necessary.