The Following is an article that appeared in the Irish Farmers Journal – Jan 1998

LIFTING injured animals or cows hurt during calving is an extremely delicate task. A new product just launched on the Irish market aims to make it safer and easier for both farmer and animal.

The Power Cow Cradle is designed so that animals may be lifted with the minimum of anxiety. It consists of a galvanise suspension frame and a body sling attached to the frame via quick release snap hooks.

The injured animal is secured using body and leg straps which are fully adjustable to accomodate different sized animals. These straps also prevent the legs from splaying outwards.

Using a front end loader the injured animal can be lifted with the minimum of side pressure and little risk of further injury or bruising. With the animal comfortably suspended, inspection and limb exercise can be carried out with ease.

The Power Cow Cradle was designed by Nicholas Power, a native of County Waterford and is manufactured in his engineering works in Newport, Shropshire, England.

The Power Cow Cradle has been Designed and Developed inconjunction with Veterinary Surgeons