Nick Power - Designer, Developer and Manufacturer of the Cow Cradle
Nick Power – Designer, Developer and Manufacturer of the Cow Cradle

In 1997 the Power Cow Cradle was conceived following a conversation with the manager of the Co-Op Diary Farm at Roden, Shropshire. He asked me if I could come up with any ideas for lifting downer cows, having shown me the metal hip clamp that is fitted on to the hook bones of a recumbent downer cow – in my opinion a horrendous torture device.

He was kind enough to keep a cow back to take the initial measurements.

The first prototype was fitted to a cow owned by my good friend Mr. Glyn Passant and with the help of Mr. Steven Passant, MRCVS. Some refinements were made following this fitting.

The first cow lifted was owned by my brother Mr. Patrick Power of Co. Waterford, Ireland. This is the animal that features in the photographs.

Present on the occasion was his farm vet Mr. P.J. Doyle MRCVS, who made another valuable design feature contribution.

Whilst the original concept of the Cow Cradle remains unchanged, many modifications and strengths have been incorporated following constructive comments throughout usage with downer cows.

The Cow Cradle is now being used to lift downer cows throughout the British Isles, including veterinary practices, agricultural universities, The Equine Center, Ireland and HM Crown Farm.

My sincere thanks to all of the forementioned for their kind help with the development of the Cow Cradle.

My thanks also to Mr. Mark Soutar, BSC, BVMS, CertCHP, MRCVS, of the Veterinary Centre Roslin, The university of Edinburgh for his positive input.

My gratitude to Mr. John C. Roberts, Head of Animal Production and Science at Harper Adams University College, Newport, Shropshire for his support and encouragement.

The Cow Cradle, designed, developed and manufactured by Nicholas Power.